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Pierstone is a world-class international law firm recognized by its commanding reputation in Technology, Media and Telecommunication law. Operating from influential business and financial centres across Europe, we offer a fully integrated team, able to furnish clients with comprehensive and personalised suites of legal services at a local and global level. With offices in London, Brussels, Moscow, and Prague, Pierstone accommodates increasing global client demand. We have carefully built our multilateral reach on a bench of national and international lawyers that are experts in their fields and fluent in the businesses of our clients.

The experience of our lawyers, combined with our international reach and level of industry focus means clients can benefit from a law firm with demonstrable knowledge and proven track record in transactions in Central and Eastern Europe. As a firm we are devoted to practice quality and professional excellence and building collaborative and meaningful relationships with our clients. It is that bespoke approach to suit each client’s distinct needs and wants over the last seven years that has established us as leaders in the international TMT practice and produced what we believe is a unique legal firm.