Life Sciences

Research & development, manufacturing, commercialization, collaboration around pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, biotechnology-based products, medical devices and more, these are all domains that Pierstone can guide and support your business in. Pierstone has a long experience in advising its clients with respect to law and technology including in the life sciences sector.


Pierstone has experience in a variety of different types of contracts: R&D cooperation, consortium agreements, licenses, ICFs, CTA/CSAs, supply and distribution agreements… We can also help you in meeting regulatory obligations and procedures for bringing your product to market, whether it be cosmetics, foods, medical devices or pharmaceuticals. Pierstone can take you from the R&D phase to commercialization, and even defend your business in the event of litigation and/or manage any conflicts that may arise.


Data protection and IP are also key to the life sciences sector: such questions arise in clinical studies, investigations and medical devices. We are there to assist your business to ensure compliance with GDPR and safeguarding your most important asset, your IP. Remember for your medical devices, chances are it is collecting personal data, so, don’t forget overlook your GDPR obligations. Have you done a data protection impact assessment, have you applied a privacy design approach?


More likely than not, in your R&D you are also using (non) personal data. This raises IP questions and further regulatory issues. With the development of the new field of EU digital regulation (the Data Governance Act, the Data Act proposal, the AI proposal, the EU Health Data Space Proposal), chances are there are legal concerns to take into account with respect to your data usage. Can’t keep up with all the new initiatives. We can help you navigate this evolving field, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us questions.


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