Erika Ellyne


Erika is a law and technology enthusiast, she enjoys learning about novel technologies and the legal questions they raise. She has worked for over 10 years at the crossroads of law and technology, at first as a  project researcher at the VUB, then as a lawyer. Erika keeps a foot in the University (VUB), where she still participates in various cutting edge legal projects as part of HALL (Health and Ageing Law Lab). Along with her legal practice Erika has also worked in-house as a legal interim legal counsel. This experience has been insightful into understanding business interests and pragmatic legal needs.

Erika is a commercial lawyer specialised in intellectual property and IT law, as well as technology related regulatory issues, in particular under EU law. She works on a range of related legal issues, such as consumer protection, product regulation (including MDR), whistleblowing, and digital regulations, including AI.

She has a strong contractual practice, both in terms of drafting and negotiation. She has extensive experience in all data protection matters: audits, DPIAs, transfer impact assessments, ISO 27001 projects, etc. She has a long track record is assisting clients bringing novel technology products to market and of ensuring regulatory compliance.

She is curious about her clients business and eager to help them in a practical and efficient manner.