Rosaleen Hubbard


Rosaleen offers advice to clients on communications regulatory policy.

Rosaleen works extensively in the area of dispute resolution with consumers. Following the launch of OTELO in 2004, Rosaleen was appointed Director of the Ombudsman Service Limited and as Chairman of the Otelo Member Board (see Chairman’s Forward: OTELO Annual Report PDF), positions she had held until 2007.

In 1994 Rosaleen was made Director of Regulatory Affairs at Comcast Europe where she set up a legal department from scratch with responsibility for regulation and compliance for the four Comcast cable franchises in England.

Rosaleen became Manager of Regulatory Affairs for Mercury Communications (now Cable and Wireless) in 1988, assuming responsibility for many aspects of regulatory support to the business, particularly in regard to license compliance, interconnection relationships and new product development. Rosaleen qualified as a solicitor in 1986.