Pierstone Brussels announces publication of new study on algorithmic transparency

23 Apr 2021
Pierstone Brussels is pleased to announce the publication of the study Towards a robust framework for algorithmic transparency to tackle the dissemination of illegal and harmful content on online platforms authored by Pierstone’s Partner Prof. Alain Strowel and Associate Laura Somaini within a project supported by Bouygues Europe.

The study addresses the key rules, shortcomings and challenges relating to algorithmic transparency in the European Union and presents a set of proposals to enhance transparency and strengthen the regulatory oversight of (very large) online platforms. In particular, the study analyses, and proposes amendments to, the proposed Digital Services Act (“DSA”), unveiled by the European Commission in December 2020 and currently under review by the European Parliament.

The study focuses on improving the DSA’s rules against the backdrop of mitigating the systemic risks posed by very large online platforms.

In particular, key proposals to amend the DSA include:

  • General accountability principle;
  • Tiered approach to data access and continuing scrutiny;
  • Improved algorithmic auditing;
  • Transparent recommender systems and individualized explanations for users.

Moreover, the study outlines a long-term collaborative transparency initiative beyond the DSA’s framework, involving a global, multi-tiered and multi-stakeholder model for the governance of platform transparency.

Read the study in full here.