Press release: Sky claims solutions

15 Dec 2019


Valetta, Malta, December 5, 2019, PIERSTONE announced that it is one of 16 law firms to join One Sky Solutions (“OSS”) as a launch Member Firm and that Mrs Giulia Mauri, Brussels based Partner heading PIERSTONE’s Aviation practice, has been elected as a member of the Advisory Board of OSS.

The OSS network of firms specializes in EU261 and Montreal Convention passenger claims. OSS formally launched its operations at the CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit in Malta.

OSS adopts an innovative approach to assist airlines in dealing with their growing volumes of EU261 and Montreal Convention passenger claims. It provides a cloud-based platform that links airlines to legal experts (such as PIERSTONE), in all major European markets who can assist airlines in quickly determining whether they need to pay compensation or defend cases in court. OSS also provides a call center that can contact passengers on behalf of the airline and arrange for a settlement of their claim.

PIERSTONE is a full-service law firm that specializes in the regulated sectors of the economy (including aviation, telecommunications and energy). PIERSTONE’s Aviation Practice specializes in aviation law, including providing assistance to airlines in the area of EU261 and Montreal related passenger claims. Being a Member Firm of OSS will enable us to handle these claims more efficiently, using the synergies and other benefits provided by the OSS platform. We look forward to assisting airlines in this difficult and costly area.

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