White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

21 Feb 2020

The European Commission has published a long-awaited White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (link in the comment below), setting down goals for the synergic and human-centric support of #AI development, including the establishment of innovation hubs and testing centres, education programs or allocation of funds of € 100 million.

The Commission confirms that the (EU) legislation will require necessary changes to cover all risks that arise with deployment of AI systems, particularly in regard to product safety and liability. These changes should be based on the following concepts:

  • Human oversight over the autonomous behaviour of AI,
  • Transparency obligations,
  • Clarification of downloadable stand-alone software in terms of liability and safety,
  • Ensuring cooperation between all actors in the supply chain,
  • Obligations for ensuring mental safety.

The Commission is of the opinion that the future of EU regulation will lie in the joint and several liability between developers and deployers of AI as “each obligation should be addressed to the actor(s) who is (are) best placed to address any potential risks.”